A Magical Sunrise at Lighthouse Beach on Saturday, December 22, 2018

It was super low tide during sunrise at Lighthouse Beach this morning (-0.8!!) and boy was it worth it for me to get up early for it! Allow me to introduce you to just a few of my fabulous finds.

Mr. Lightning Whelky McWelkerson and Ms. Pear Whelk:

Lightning whelk and pear whelk shells at Lighthouse Beach

(clockwise, starting on the left) McWhelkerson's first cousin, the Juvenile Fighting Conch Shell Twins (they're fraternal), Ms. Dainty Banded Tulip and Mr. Moony, aka Moonsnail or Shark's Eye.

Lightning whelk, juvenile conch shells, moonsnail or sharks eye, banded tulip at lighthouse beach low tide

Ms. Sunray Venus:

Sunray Venus shell at low tide lighthouse beach Sanibel island

And finally, Ms. Apple Murex, Mr. True Tulip (if he wore clothes, it would be a suit and tie) and Mr. Black Scallop (he's kinda emo)

apple murex shell, true tulip shell, black scallop shell lighthouse beach low tide

No matter how I'm feeling, a sunrise at Lighthouse Beach always puts things into perspective for me. Sunrises here are simply spectacular and they always make me feel connected to something greater than myself. All the blingy shells don't hurt either.

See the time-lapsed sunrise below: